Taiwan Elections

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In the lead up to Taiwan’s 2016 Presidential Election, Google wanted to create a platform capable of hosting election related news, while allowing voters to ask questions directly to the candidates.

Together with my team, we build a static website using Polymer 1.x and Web Components. Gulp was used to run the development workflow, and Google Closure library and compiler to optimise the JS code.

The site featured an interactive form and map that allowed users to ask a direct question to the candidates, and a dynamic graph that showed real-time election polls.

We also developed a custom in-house CMS in order to allow the client to edit the data.

The digital elections campaign reached 18.8M voters, while more than 6,500 questions were asked. The project won the Spikes Asia Awards 2016.


A laptop browsing the interactive map page on the Taiwan 2016 Presidential Elections website
A tablet device browsing the "Ask a question" page on the Taiwan 2016 Presidential Elections website