About me

After completing a double MSc degree in Multimedia Engineering, I couldn't resist the charm of the Web and joined Toaster. Across six years, I worked in the London and the Singapore offices as a Senior Web Developer, working on many high-profile projects from clients like Google and the Natural History Museum. Since 2020 I joined Automattic as a JavaScript Engineer, working on Gutenberg, the open-source WordPress block editor.

Ultimately, I am a maker. I like to build, tinker and understand how things work. I prioritise accessibility and performance, above all. Besides coding, I have helped co-organise the PWA London Meetup, I’ve given a few talks (like this one, this one or this one) and I've written a couple of articles (like this one).

In my free time, I engage in DIY projects, play football and make electronic music. I speak Italian, English and French. I love travelling and I dream of having a little wood and leather workshop.

You can find me on LinkedIn, X and on Github (and if you search well enough, maybe on SoundCloud too). You can contact me at marco.ciampo[at]gmail.com, and you can get my CV here.